28 Sep 18

BMW i3 gets 42-kWh battery, increases range by 30%

With cell capacity increased to 120 Ah and a gross energy content of 42.2 kWh, a new generation of high-voltage batteries enables the BMW i3 (120 Ah) to achieve a range of 260 km in everyday use.

Since the market launch of the BMW i3, the storage capacity of its high-voltage battery has been doubled. At the market launch of the BMW i3 in 2013, the equivalent figures were 60 Ah and 22.6 kWh, while the second-generation battery introduced in 2016 reaches a level of 94 Ah and 33 kWh.

30 per cent more range

The combined power consumption of the BMW i3 (120 Ah) is 13.1 kWh per 100 km based on the correlated NEDC, while the BMW i3s (120 Ah) has a power consumption of 14.6 kWh to 14.0 kWh per 100 km. The high efficiency of the electric motor and the enhanced battery capacity result in a range that is nearly 30 per cent higher than that of the predecessor models.

The range of the BMW i3 (120 Ah) is 359 kilometres (previously 290 to 300 km) according to NEDC correlated, and 285 to 310 kilometres (previously 235 – 255 km) according to WLTP. For the BMW i3s (120 Ah), a range of 330 to 345 kilometres (previously 280 km) has been calculated according to NEDC, and a range of 270 to 285 kilometres (previously 235 –245 km) according to WLTP.

Enhanced connected infotainment

The optimised menu display for the iDrive operating system with buttons in tile structure and in live mode is now also available in conjunction with the optional navigation system Business. This means that the desired content is now available even more quickly and conveniently.

What is more, the program of optional equipment items now also includes the option of telephony with wireless charging. The wireless LAN hotspot, likewise newly available for the BMW i3, provides a fast online connection for up to ten end devices inside the vehicle.

Picture copyright: BMW, 2018

Authored by: Dieter Quartier