20 Mar 23

Bridgestone solution provides up-to-date info on road conditions

Use data from connected vehicles to create up-to-date insights into state of the road, and of road signage. That’s the idea behind Bridgestone Road Conditions (BRC), built on data provided by Webfleet. BRC will help traffic authorities manage roads, but it’s also useful for commercial fleets who need up-to-date info on the state of the roads.

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BRC is a suite of solutions powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and introduced by Bridgestone Mobility Solutions that uses anonymized and aggregated data provided by connected vehicles managed by Webfleet. For now, the suite consists of two solutions:

Road Damage Detection (RDD)

This solution analyses data generated by connected vehicles to accurately locate such ‘road anomalies’ as potholes, cracks and patches. The AI algorithm is able to determine the severity of the road damage. 

RDD helps fleets prevent damage to tyres and vehicles, and reduce the risk of accidents. Traffic authorities can use these insights to plan repairs, and to do preventive maintenance. 

Road Asset Visualisation (RAV)

Using Edge AI capabilities, this solution analyses data from connected vehicle sensors and cameras to visualize road signs, traffic lights and other road assets, and flag them if they’re damaged, vandalized or blocked by vegetation.

In this way RAV also presents both fleets and traffic authorities with actionable information on the state of roads and road infrastructure. 

“Safety and comfort”

“By providing real-time insights, BRC helps increase road safety and comfort”, says Raghunath Banerjee, VP of Data Solutions at Bridgestone Mobility Solutions. “These advanced data solutions will play a fundamental role in the digital transformation of future mobility, enabling the development of smart cities, MaaS providers, as well as connected and autonomous vehicles.”

Bridgestone Road Conditions is currently available in the UK and Ireland, Spain and Portugal, France and Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria, Germany and Poland.  

For more on the power of connected vehicle data, check out Fleet Europe’s E-Book on fleet data consolidation.

Image: Shutterstock

Authored by: Frank Jacobs