2 May 19

Connected assistance and replacement cars - VAB @ Connected Fleets Conference

Belgium's largest roadside assistance provider and mobility club VAB has been using telematics for its own replacement fleet for years. All VAB replacement cars are equipped with this technology, not only to stimulate the correct use of these cars, but also to ensures its customers can always count on a clean and well-maintained vehicle.

With its Telematics division, VAB has also learned valuable lessons in the road towards connected breakdown assistance. In future, assistance will be more about proactivity and preventive measures than waiting for the technical issue to manifest itself and curative action.

At Fleet Europe's fist Connected Fleets Conference, VAB's Dispatch Team and Replacement Car Fleet Coördinator Kevin Vandepaer will take participants on an interesting telematics journey by means of a case study presentation, focusing on how the connected technology enhances planning efficiency, vehicle recovery and balancing, administration, compliance and accident management.

Kevin Vandepaer started in 2001 as a dispatcher at VAB and has remained faithful to his first employer until today. After being promoted to Dispatching team responsible and Coordinator of the replacement car fleet, he now coordinates both VAB's replacement car fleet and all the dispatching teams. In his current occupation he is responsible for the operational side of breakdown services in Belgium.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to reach out to this field expert - join the Connected Fleets Conference in Brussels and discover the programme here.



Authored by: Dieter Quartier