16 May 19

Connected Fleets Conference: Get all telematics stakeholders on board

Olivier Mansard, VP Global Sales, Masternaut, shared a scoop with the Connected Fleets Conference audience: his company has just been acquired by Michelin. Michelin is on a telematics shopping spree, having also bought the US-based telematics company Nextraq.

René De Jong, Sales Director Benelux, TomTom Telematics, has seen this before, as his company has recently been taken over by Bridgestone.

But both were at the Connected Fleets Conference to share their views on convincing internal stakeholders to implement telematics.

“If there’s no benefit for the driver, it becomes more difficult to implement telematics,” commented Mr De Jong. Indeed, data privacy issues are one of the main obstacles fleet managers mentioned in a recent Global Fleet Survey, alongside work council resistance and user resistance, two obstacles that are closely linked to the first one.

Hannah Massenhove, Consultant, BDO, emphasised the importance of informing all stakeholders to ensure you get everyone on board. “Stakeholder management should be the first step,” she said. “People have to see what they stand to gain.”

"Gamification can be a part of motivating people to embrace telematics," explained Ms Massenhove.

“Telematics are the future but we have to make it positive for the drivers,” agreed Mr Mansard. That’s why his company has edited a brochure explaining the key mechanics of rolling out a telematics programme.

Masternaut developed a “dark mode”, allowing drivers to push a button that ensures the telematics device does not record any data, another move that can help improve user acceptance.

“We deliver information, it’s not about devices. And information delivers value. What flows does the information follow? Who has access to what information? Such issues need to be addressed from the start,” concluded Mr De Jong.

“We’re changing mobility fundamentally,” added Mr Mansard. “It’s not only about data, it’s about a complete change to how we use mobility.”

Image (from left to right): René De Jong (TomTom Telematics), Olivier Mansard (Masternaut), Hannah Massenhove (BDO) and moderator Dieter Quartier (Fleet Europe)

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck