5 Aug 21

Continental launches complete tyre management tool

Continental has launched a new tyre pressure monitoring tool that supports complete tyre management. Autodiagnos TPMS D allows shops and technicians to offer quick and easy diagnostics and service. And it’s not the only innovation Continental is offering. 

Autodiagnos TPMS D maximises the efficiency of tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS). The tool uses OE (Original Equipment) sensors and sensors from 20 different aftermarket manufacturers. It works with virtually all TPMS-compliant vehicles. 

Single tool

The tool is designed to work with auto shops of any size, and can serve as a single tool for both TPMS diagnostics and service. A built-in VIN scanner allows for faster lookups of a vehicle’s exact make, model and year. 

Autodiagnos TPMS D can also programme sensors, and features a mode that is able to relearn sensors to the vehicle in a matter of minutes. The tool’s intuitive, Continental-specific software connects over wifi to receive quarterly updates and downloads of new applications.

Also, the tool can be connected to the Autodiagnos TPMS Tire Tread Depth Gauge, an optional extra that determines tire condition and boosts service. 

EV tyres

Continental is also working on an innovation in its tyre offer itself. The company has partnered with OEMs and others to develop tyres for the latest generation of electrified commercial vehicles. 

A heavy-goods Volvo FH truck is currently road-testing the tyres in Switzerland. The truck is carrying a 680-hp, 680-kW/h battery, the largest in Europe, which provides a range of 760 km. The tyres have been developed to generate low rolling resistance, thus enabling high mileage for electrified commercial vehicles, which are heavier than their ICE predecessors. Tyres on EVs are also exposed to higher torque during start and acceleration. 

Recycling PET

And finally, as evidence of its commitment to the circular economy, Continental has also announced that from 2022, it will start ‘upcycling’ PET bottles for its tyre production.

The polyethylene terephthalate (PET) from plastic bottles will be turned into polyester yarn, which can be used for constructing the tyre carcass – completely replacing conventional polyester. Unlike other technology, the process requires no intermediate chemical steps.

A conventional car tyre contains around 400 grams of polyester yarn. This means that more than 60 PET bottles can be re-used for a complete set of four vehicle tyres. Sustainability is high on Continental’s agenda. By 2050 at the latest, the company aims to use 100% sustainably produced materials for its tyre products. 

Image: Shutterstock

Authored by: Frank Jacobs