16 May 19

Data-driven efficiency for smart fleets

Expenses sustained in the management of corporate mobility (e.g. fuel, road tolls, vehicle wear and tear, maintenance) are major cost items in an organisation's balance sheet.

Through the hundreds of thousands of vehicles connected to its digital platform and its experience gained over decades, Targa Telematics has developed innovative and flexible solutions that can pinpoint inefficiencies in fleet management and improve operational processes, thus reducing these costs.

When properly collected and analysed, telematics data can highlight the causes of money waste, such as:

  • Use of the car outside work
  • Inappropriate driving styles that result in costs higher than best practices
  • Vehicle misuses that breach road traffic laws and would bring consequences for the organisation
  • Refuelling inconsistent with mileage claim form data
  • Inadequate maintenance affecting vehicle efficiency

Data collected from Targa Telematics customers over the past 12 months shows that the recovery of just the costs arising from fuel waste through car misuse actually covers the cost of the entire telematics solution. To this we can add the benefits derived from other areas that can be acted on, such as fleet field operations, maintenance, safety, collision detection and many more. So, the fleet manager can benefit from an immediate and easily measurable return on investment.

"After only three months’ use of the solutions of Targa Telematics, fleet managers are able to calculate the results and compare them with the outlay. In the first instance we want to help our partners make correct and timely decisions through the solution that best fits their needs," says Jad Tabet, Business Development Director of Targa Telematics.

Thanks to the application of advanced technologies, the system developed by Targa Telematics is able to securely integrate and process Big Data through the use of Artificial Intelligence. The fleet manager can therefore leverage key information for his business, in compliance with the rules that protect the privacy of drivers.