16 Feb 22

Explore how connectivity benefits your sustainability goals at the Connected Fleets Conference 2022

Corporate fleet managers are confronted with numerous challenges in 2022. The prolonging chip shortage, the increasing energy prices, and the pressure on inflation are only adding to the list of challenges to test the efficiency and sustainability of fleets. 

Perhaps the most critical task for fleet managers is adopting connected technologies in the era of digitalization, which plays an increasingly vital role in meeting fleets' social, economic, and ecological targets. 

The 5th edition of the Connected Fleets Conference on 28 and 29 in Amsterdam will be a critical guide and an unprecedented learning experience for fleet managers who want to adopt connected technologies to become "Sustainable and Connected." 

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What's on the "connected menu?" 

The Connected Fleets Conference agenda is ample of specific topics fleet managers are most curious about. A little peek of the two-day program includes: 

  • The importance of connectivity and sustainability for fleet efficiency,
  • How to determine the connected fleet requirements, 
  • How to successfully run a connected technology tender, 
  • How to reduce TCO through connectivity and accelerate the energy transition, 
  • How to best charge your fleet with the help of connectivity,
  • How to establish a flawless control over fleets by connectivity,
  • Developments and trends shaping autonomous transportation, 
  • The expectations from Smart Cities, 
  • Achieving the "four corporate goals" through connectivity.

The list above represents almost every topic a fleet manager can dream about. But this is not all from this year's Connected Fleet Conference in Amsterdam.

Connected vehicles outlook 

Dr Tobias Schneiderbauer, Associate Partner, McKinsey & Company, will present the economic, social and legislative trends that characterize the future outlook of the connected technology business. 

Mr Schneiderbauer has been advising global automotive OEMs, suppliers and mobility companies for more than ten years on the challenges of technology shifts, including connected cars. In his presentation, Mr Schneiderbauer will underline the most influential elements that will shape the future of connected vehicles while sharing critical tips on responding to more significant economic, social and legislative trends as technology and connectivity evolves. 

The "5 Spices" of the future 

Dr Maxime Flament, Chief Technology Officer at 5GAA, will present how to harvest the technologies of the connected fleet universe. This recipe is called "the 5G," which will fuel smart cities, intelligent transport systems and the most critical industries. 

Mr Flament, who has been taking leading roles in European activities such as road safety, connected vehicles and automated driving for the last 15 years, will single out all essential facts of 5G and IoT to guide fleet managers in understanding and applying this technology. 

Be an Early Bird! 

Connectivity will be the most crucial aspect of fleet management to achieve corporate sustainability and decarbonization goals in the future. Connected Fleets Conference gathers the best industry experts and fleet managers to create the synergy fleet industry needs and offers a not to miss opportunity to access knowledge. 

You can check out the complete programme here and register today to benefit from the Early Bird until the end of February! 

The first in-article photo shows Dr Tobias Schneiderbauer, Associate Partner, McKinsey & Company,
The second in-article photo shows Dr Maxime Flament, Chief Technology Officer at 5GAA. 


Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen