1 Sep 20

Fleet Europe goes 100% Electric and Connected

The future of fleet is electric and connected. But what does that mean in practice? Your media Fleet Europe will focus on the supertheme of Electric & Connected for one month, from 15 September until 16 October. Keep an eye on these pages!

The core mission of Fleet Europe is to have its finger on the pulse of international fleet and mobility management. It is an eco-system that is being disrupted from various sides: car manufacturers are launching electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, governments are changing taxation and introducing city bans, employees are expecting flexible mobility options and new technology is enabling things unheard of until not that long ago.

Electric & Connected

Agreeing to add electric vehicles to your fleet is one thing, but what does that mean in practice? Should you go for battery-electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids, mild hybrids? Finding the right vehicle for each driver starts with knowing what's on the market.

Can you give all your drivers an electric car, or should you limit EVs to certain profiles? Technology can help you ensure each driver gets the vehicle with the right powertrain for them, depending on their profile and on the market they’re active on. Connected technology is also what’s making it possible for a large electric fleet to charge without disrupting the electricity grid.

Your Supertheme

From 15 September until 16 October, Fleet Europe will delve into Electric & Connected, both online and in the upcoming Fleet Europe magazine that we will transform in your European Guide for Fleet Electrification. 

In this supertheme, Fleet Europe will give you an overview of what’s available on the market, with what characteristics. But we will also give concrete tips on implementing an EV fleet based on the expertise of leading insiders like leasing and fleet management companies, telematics companies and car manufacturers.

Experienced fleet managers in the fields of electrified and connected fleets will let you have a look at the obstacles they encountered and what they did to overcome them. In what ways were their expectations met or exceeded? What myths about Electric & Connected tech should be dispelled?

We end the supertheme with the Electric Fleet Week, from 12 to 16 October, in which you will be able to participate in three Learning Webinars, focusing on 1) the new EV market offer,  2) the charging infrastructure evolution, and 3) the road map for fleet electrification.

What to expect?

  • Super Theme Electric & Connected: a full month of editorial focus on all there is to know about electrification and connectivity
  • The European Guide To Fleet Electrification: a printed guide that will provide you with all the information you need to electrify your fleet.
  • Fleet Week Electric & Connected: a dedicated week of virtual session to
    • Discover which EVs are available today and tomorrow
    • Ensure you have the right infrastructure in place
    • Provide you with a roadmap to implement electric & connectivity solutions for your fleet

If you are interested in communication opportunities throughout the Super Theme Electric & Connected, please contact us via contact@nexuscommunication.be

Get in touch with Fleet Europe Editor-in-chief Steven Schoefs with your suggestions or questions about the supertheme Electric & Connected.

Image by Marek Studzinski, Pixabay

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck