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24 Aug 20

Fleet Europe Summit 2020 comes to your screen on 17-18 November

It’s time to give you the update on the Fleet Europe Summit 2020 that so many have been asking us about. Of course, the Summit will take place – and the dates stay the same: 17 and 18 November. Registration opens on 7 September. The location: a screen near you! 

Why is the Summit going virtual? Online conferencing may have started as quick fix for the pandemic, but it has matured into a formula with many proven benefits. That is certainly true for this year’s Fleet Europe Summit, thanks to a brand-new and purpose-built online platform generating the user experience of a live event.

The beauty and the delights of Dublin’s fair city will have to keep for another time. This year’s Fleet Europe Summit is taking place… wherever you are.

That’s a first, great advantage of digital conferencing: you will attend the Fleet Europe Summit safely from wherever you work, whether it’s at home, at your office or any other place. This will save you time and resolve all issues about safety.

Our fully digital Fleet Europe Summit 2020 is bursting with all the possible advantages, focusing on learning, sharing best practices, expertise-sharing, networking, creating business opportunities… and yes, even celebrating.

Let’s break that down for you:

Learning and sharing best practices

Similar previous Fleet Europe Summit editions, there will be

  • keynote presentations
  • panel discussions,
  • deep-dive webinars,
  • case-study presentations by Fleet Europe Awards winners, and
  • insights in vehicle remarketing with the concurrent Remarketing Forum on 18 November.

All, time and format permitting, come with the option for audience members to put their questions to the speakers in a Q&A session at the end.


There will be industry experts at the conference. Lock in a one-on-one talk with any of them in a ‘Meet the Expert’ session or take part with other attendees in group discussions with the experts.

Networking and creating business opportunities

Out Virtual Fleet Europe Summit will provide more structured ways to do networking, promising a high return for your time spent on the digital platform. There will be opportunities for

  • virtual one-on-one meetings,
  • group video calls,
  • one-on-one text chats,
  • group text chats, and last but not least
  • visits to the virtual booths of fleet and mobility suppliers.


As per long-standing tradition, even this virtual Summit will close with the Fleet Europe Awards ceremony. The 2020 edition be just as uplifting and entertaining as previous years, but you will have to provide your own refreshments!

Also in line with tradition, the Fleet Europe Summit 2020 will run concurrently with the Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum, where evolution in used-car sales and trends in vehicle remarketing processes will be discussed.

As always, the Fleet Europe Summit will be an event with many moving parts. The fact that it is now virtual will make it easier to plan your attendance at various presentations, discussions and other types of sessions.

To make sure of that, we have developed a brand-new Fleet Europe Summit platform. This platform:

  • is specifically built for and entirely dedicated to virtual events,
  • (re)creates the in-person feeling of attending a live conference,
  • helps participants build their own agenda within the Summit, and
  • focuses on engagement between you and other members of the Fleet Europe community.

In short, it is very user-friendly, highly engaging and built for your success.

  • Fleet Europe Summit 2020 will provide you with maximum knowledge at minimum cost, at a time when optimising both is more critical than ever.
  • Benefit from the chance to meet with all your international fleet and mobility suppliers and industry peers.  

Registration opens on 7 September.  Attendance is FREE for corporate fleet and mobility customers, while suppliers can benefit from the early bird discount.

For updates, follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter, via #FleetEuropeSummit, #FleetEuropeAwards and #RemarketingForum.

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Authored by: Steven Schoefs