26 Dec 18

Fleets have mixed month in large markets

Dataforce has been looking at the performance of the car markets in some of the largest European countries, during November. Firstly, it says that the slide in the Italian car market continued during the month. And with a 16.4% dip, the True Fleet Market was hit markedly harder than the Total Market (- 5.8%). However, for the year to date, fleet is the only channel to remain in the black, (+ 0.4%) although Dataforce believes this may not still be the case at the end of December.

Moving on to the UK, the analyst finds that the true fleet market finished November with the best performance in growth terms among the Big 5, reducing the gap with 2017 from a 22.5% difference in September, and over 6.1% in October to just 1.3% last month. The fact remains, however, with the year-to-date growth standing at - 7.0% not even an exceptional December is likely to bring back the annual growth into the black.

In France, meanwhile, Dataforce points out that in both September and October, the passenger car market was less affected by the impact of WLTP than the other big European countries. With a drop by only 1.5% in October there were signs that this market may return to growth in November. This turned pout not to be the case and the market recorded a decline of 4.7% overall with fewer than 172,000 registrations. While the private channel was stable (- 0.3%), the registrations in true fleet saw a decline of 6.7% in November, pushing the year-to-date growth rate below 4% (+ 3.8%).

(Image: public domain)

Authored by: Tim Harrup