19 Feb 19

Free2Move Services updates app and Citroën shows Ami One concept

Free2Move, PSA’s mobility brand uniting Free2Move Lease and Free2Move Services, adds extra features to its mobility-application that already offers the services of a broad range of carsharing companies and is available in over 33 cities in Europe and the USA.


From the launch of Groupe PSA’s new electrified cars in 2019 on, Free2Move Services will expand the application that already allows users to book shared cars, pay for parking and pay tolls with dedicated solutions for electrified vehicles.

The new features are the Charging Pass for electrified vehicle charging and the Trip Planner for electrified vehicle trip planning.


With the Charging Pass, users will be able to locate and access charging stations compatible with their vehicle. The app will offer comprehensive mapping, and is to offer a pre-selection of charging stations based on distance, as well as the speed and price of the charge. Once the station is selected, the application guides the user to it, displaying the best route directly on the car’s screen or via a smartphone. At the beginning of this year, Free2Move Services already includes public charging 85,000 locations in Europe.


On top of the Charging Pass, the Trip Planner that is integrated in the app proposes the best route to drivers based on analysis of the vehicle’s residual autonomy and its use. This feature offers drivers reassurance, allowing them to choose an optimal route with charging stations and estimate the length of the drive, including charging time.


Citroën AMI One concept


Meanwhile, at PSA-brand Citroën, the Ami One concept shows Citroën’s idea of a 2,5 metre long electric two-seat vehicle that can be operated by anyone over 16 years of age, even if they don’t have a driver’s license (if local legislation allows). It should allow affordable and environmentally friendly urban mobility in the future and could be an alternative to public transport, bicycles or scooters. Free2Move would offer the car in short and long term rental formulas.

Of course, the name AMI is a reference to the known variant of the Citroën 2CV, and Citroën said that “Just as the 2CV guaranteed freedom of movement for the countryside, the Ami One makes urban mobility accessible to everyone”.


Styling touches from the 2CV are reflected in the canvas sunroof and front seats that resemble outdoor furniture and could be removed for outdoor use.


The Ami One will debut at the Geneva auto show on March 5.


Pictures: Free2Move and Citroën

Authored by: Stijn Blanckaert