25 Mar 21

Geotab Extend: “This decade is all about data”

“This decade is all about data,” said Colin Sutherland, EVP Sales & Marketing, Geotab while opening the first Geotab Extend, a virtual event on 23 and 24 March entirely dedicated to the Geotab Marketplace, bringing together the complete Geotab ecosystem. 1,500 customers, partners and resellers registered.  

"Geotab Extend builds on the reputation of Geotab bringing together its customers, resellers and third-party Marketplace partners that integrate solutions with Geotab datasets", says Colin Sutherland. "The word Extend is about extending value. In a Software as a Service world it's important that people realise that when they are subscribing to services like telematics, that it's more than a single subscription. With Geotab they are acquiring access to a dataset that can be extended to anyone of the 100 partners of the Geotab Marketplace." 

The Geotab Marketplace is an online platform where Geotab customers can find services and products to improve their fleet management, all integrated in Geotab’s telematics platform. Previously the Geotab Marketplace showcased solutions without the possibility to purchase them, at Geotab Extend the Order Now application was launched.

Today, Geotab has over 44,000 customers around the world, covering over 2.2 million vehicle subscriptions. It has a presence in 130 countries and can be used for fleets from 1 to 200,000 vehicles.

Around 50 Geotab partners took part in Geotab Extend, covering all categories: data analytics, fuel effiicency, EV & sustainability, expandability, connected fleet, video telematics, OEM telematics and even more. Video telematics and OEM telematics in particular promise to be fields of much innovation and further development in the coming years.

“You know what you need,” said Colin Sutherland. “You should be capable of browsing through our Marketplace website, finding the applications you want. Our partners are here to serve you, not to sell you.”

200 solutions

Carlos Castillo, VP Marketplace, explained that the Marketplace includes more than 200 solutions to date, offered by over 100 partners. The following categories in particular will are expected to continue growing:

  • Cameras & ADAS
  • Routing & dispatch
  • Assets tracking
  • Maintenance & diagnostics
  • Driver management & training
  • Fuel management

Marketplace partners

A new category is added to the Marketplace: Electric Vehicle, aimed at supporting EV adoption, optimising and tracking EV performance and aiding utilisation for maximum ROI.

These are some of the partners that presented their products and services at Geotab Extend:

  • Luca Fleet: a tool developed by telco Telefonica that supports strategic decision-making via analytics of aggregated data in charts and maps that allow for the extraction of patterns and anomalies. This can be useful in reporting, managing driver behaviour, aggregating routes and managing fuel consumption.
  • Fleetster: software that builds on Geotab Keyless, making it possible to open your vehicles up for carsharing. The smartphone app can be programmed to unlock the vehicle directly, or it can be used to unlock a keybox in use cases where that is the preferred strategy. The solution is also available in a white-label variant.
  • eDriving: solution that collects and analyses driver behaviour to prevent accidents and crashes. "On average," said an eDriver representative, "20% of your drivers represent a much greater risk on the road that the majority. This 20% will account for 80% of your concerns, incidents, claims, increased costs and could even negatively impact your reputation and business continuity."
  • Uptake: software that uses vehicle fault codes, sensor data of Geotab devices, historical failure data, contextual data and SME knowledge to enable predictive maintenance. On average, Uptake reports an 8% improvement in uptime, a 20% reduction in roadside breakdowns and 7-10% reduction in overall maintenance and repair expense.

Image: Colin Sutherland, EVP Sales & Marketing, Geotab

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck