15 Oct 20

Geotab launches keyless entry system for shared fleets

Telematics specialist Geotab has launched a new keyless entry system for pool fleets, car sharing operators and rental companies. The digital key provides an instant solution for businesses looking for a Covid-safe, contactless way to transfer ‘keys’ between drivers.

Called Geotab Keyless, the system integrates seamlessly with Geotab’s fleet management product, giving fleet decision makers the tools to reduce costs, increase utilisation rates and protect vehicles.

Christopher Mendes, VP of Electric Vehicles at Geotab, said: “Keyless vehicle access is critical not only for fleets seeking to improve cost and operational structures but also consumers, who are moving away from vehicle ownership and expecting an easier, more convenient driving experience.”

Easy installation

He added that Geotab Keyless takes only seconds to install, with a single cable plugging the IOX-Keyless device into the Geotab GO unit, which in turn plugs directly into a vehicle’s OBDII port.

By linking directly with the multiple data feeds from connected cars, including electric vehicles, the new function helps fleet operators to manage shared and pooled vehicles that have no designated driver.

“The solution can reliably manage vehicles’ state of charge (SOC), charging status and range remaining —a capability no other keyless hardware competitor possesses,” said Mendes.

Boost utilisation

Connected to Geotab's on-board tracking system, fleet owners will also be able to access real-time information on vehicle locations, providing insights into which vehicles might be repurposed or redistributed to boost utilisation rates.

The new keyless technology is make and model agnostic, capable of working with any vehicle that has a key fob. It can also integrate with a variety of vehicle reservation software systems, including those developed by Wunder Mobility, Ridecell, fleetster, Eccocar and Moove Connected Mobility.

From a driver perspective, the keyless entry enables them to lock, unlock and start the ignition via a smartphone app, NFC tag or even remotely over a cellular network.

Keyless essential for mobility as a service

“Changes in mobility have led to a need for new business tools. Digitisation of the keyfob itself is one of these tools,” said Mendes.

Where key management has been difficult for larger fleets in the past, the keyless function means a community of drivers could share access to the same pool of vehicles, either on demand or through prior reservation, with the fleet owner able to record who was driving a vehicle at any particular time.

Photo: Shutterstock

Authored by: Jonathan Manning