17 Mar 19

Geotab to support EV management at Goupil

Connectivity and IoT (Internet of Things) specialist Geotab is partnering with Goupil Industrie to connect the company’s electric vehicles to the Geotab platform. Goupil Industrie is a manufacturer of industrial electric vehicles for logistics services, maintenance, green areas and waste management. The company is part of Polaris Group, and has produced over 19,000 vehicles across 35 countries. Geotab has 30,000 customers around the world and more than 1.4 million connected vehicles globally. 

This new partnership will give Goupil Industrie the possibility to enable its customers to:

  • Measure real-time electric vehicle and battery specific information with configurable alerts to ensure smart vehicle usage and sustainability objectives are met.
  • Send and receive electric vehicle and battery health maintenance-related alerts and updates to customers operation centers.
  • Proactively manage any warranty and vehicle usage plus charging patterns in order to improve efficiencies and facilitate “smart charging.”
  • Encourage “eco-driving” habits to improve safe and environmentally sustainable practices.
  • Increased efficiency through improved fleet management across a mixed fleet environment

EV uptake

“We are very happy to take another innovative step forward in the IoT and vehicle electrification space with the help of Geotab,” said Olivier Pelletier, General Manager, Goupil Industrie. “Having increased access to vehicle information will help us to continuously improve our product, optimise our processes and provide our customers with the best service and experience possible. By aligning with a connected vehicle partner, like Geotab, Goupil Industrie’s position as an innovative leader in the OEM space is catalysed.”

“Geotab is proud to work closely with innovators such as Goupil Industrie,” stated Edward Kulperger, Vice President of Geotab for Europe. “We believe that the fleet industry is poised for mass EV adoption, which is critical for not only ensuring improved overall air quality in our communities but for increasing efficiencies when it comes to routing goods and people through our cities. Working with a trusted partner like Goupil Industrie, helps to drive that adoption and ensures that health and sustainable transportation benefits are realised.”

Do you want to know how connectivity can benefit your fleet and support the uptake and management of electric vehicles in your company, then register for the first Connected Fleets Conference, on 15 and 16 May in Brussels, where also Geotab will be present.

More information and registration details for the Connected Fleets Conference can be found here.


Authored by: Steven Schoefs