19 Oct 21

Globalisation has taken on a whole new perspective

Mercedes-Benz is the sponsor of the Global Fleet Manager of the Year Award, due to take place at the Fleet Europe Awards in Brussels on November 10th. Stefan Herbert, head of international corporate and direct sales at Mercedes-Benz, gives us insight into the continuing importance of digitisation in an increasingly global fleet world.

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What’s the main benefit of the globalisation of fleet management, post-Covid?

Digitisation has experienced a boost in the Covid period, the acceptance of digital communication has increased dramatically. Hybrid business culture has established itself as a mix between the digital and physical worlds. A great advantage in communication with customers is video conferencing, which enables us to analyse customer needs even faster and to offer them the right products globally.

What’s the main trend that will impact global fleet management in 2022 and what impact will it have for the fleet manager?

Fleet managers worldwide will have to rethink their fleet management processes, which will lead to an acceleration of digitisation. Mercedes-Benz International Corporate Sales already reacted to this trend and switched to a fully digital contracting process including a digital signature for all customers.

Another important trend is accompanied by the steadily increasing demand for e-mobility: the development of B2B charging solutions. In this context, Mercedes me will soon connect a business charging solution, which provides a convenient overview of all charging processes and enables a collected monthly billing for your entire fleet.

What are you looking forward to or do you hope to see in terms of focus elements from the finalists of this year’s Fleet Europe Awards?

Referring to the aforementioned trends, I am very interested in the e-mobility strategy of the finalists and the digitisation approach in their company.

Image of Stefan Herbert, head of international corporate and direct sales at Mercedes-Benz, courtesy of Mercedes-Benz

Authored by: Alison Pittaway