1 Oct 19

Go from fleet to mobility management with Avrios

The future of mobility is one of the main current topic, and the Avrios vision on it is very clear. In the last year, technological evolution such as the electrification of vehicles and the new needs of people has had a significant impact on corporate mobility. The complexity of this issue lies in the continuous evolution of technology and the changing needs of people. Mobility can no longer be centred on vehicles but must also embrace all the options available on the market to meet the particular needs of the employees.


Avrios is an enterprise-ready fleet management cloud platform that digitises fleet management information and allows you to easily manage international fleets. Avrios is an AI-based cloud platform that automatically aggregates information from all systems, suppliers, and formats. The result is that customers consolidate all their fleet data in one place, a particular advantage to businesses with multiple locations and geographies.

Having a single consolidated source of truth allows executives to then make informed business decisions to maximise efficiency, control bottom line costs and manage compliance.

Implementation requirements are light, therefore giving a quick win of digitising and controlling a significant cost centre and asset base that also impacts employee satisfaction.

Tomorrow: Corporate mobility is changing.

Electric vehicles are increasingly entering the market, share and on-demand mobility are on the rise, and alternative mobility options like e-bikes, Ubers or flexible car contract options are being seen in the market. As a company, if you want to provide all that for your employees, it will mean a significant rise in the complexity of fleet administration.

Leveraging our platform approach of automating data exchange and processing, we’ll venture beyond what we already offer today. We will continue building APIs and leveraging artificial intelligence to make those new mobility solutions accessible and manageable for our customers.

Avrios will help facilitate the transition from fleet management to full mobility management. 

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