3 Oct 19

IFMI Masterclass: practical tips to optimise your fleet management

Alongside the Fleet Europe Summit, the International Fleet Managers Institute (IFMI) holds its traditional masterclass for corporate fleet and mobility managers. It’s a must-attend event if you want to stay up to speed about what’s going on in fleet and mobility.

The 2019 IFMI Masterclass will be held on 6 November in Estoril, just outside of Lisbon (Portugal). As always, it takes place on the first day of the Fleet Europe Summit.

In this Masterclass, fleet and mobility managers will learn how they can balance cost-saving corporate strategies and employee transportation needs. In hands-on workshops and during enlightening presentations by industry insiders, the following topics will be discussed:

Outsourcing fleet management: yes or no?

Do you outsource your fleet management or do you keep it in-house? This often-contentious question has some professionals strongly on each side. However, many are on the fence. Understandably, as a strong case can be made for both positions.

In a panel debate, participants discuss reasons to outsource fleet management or not to, based on their own experiences.

How to create supplier optimisation

If you limit yourself to one supplier, you can potentially negotiate better discounts. If you open your fleet to multiple suppliers, suppliers need to compete to try and get your business, which can also lead to better discounts. So what model should you go for?

Two fleet managers will present their case studies.

The real impact of WLTP

WLTP was designed to ensure official emission figures are actually based on reality. Unfortunately, they are always higher than the previous NEDC numbers. Essentially, that means fleets have two options: increase leasing budgets or offer different cars (smaller or more environmentally friendly).

Two IFMI partners make the case for both options and lists the pros and cons of each.

New company car taxation in Europe

Many fleet and mobility management decisions are impacted by taxation. With the increasingly rapid change in terms of powertrain taxation, BIK, and mobility incentives, it’s hard to stay up to date. A specialised consultant gives an overview of new company car taxation rules in a number of major EU countries, followed by a Q&A.

How is the TCO calculation evolving?

TCO should reflect changes in fleet management but what elements should it include? Should it be limited to the usual suspects like lease rates and fuel, or should other elements, like loss of productivity because of traffic jams, be taken into account?

In small groups, attendees discuss and define a new TCO formula.

How to deal with connected vehicles and data privacy

Today, all vehicles have some degree of connectivity and telematics are becoming standard equipment, too. Data privacy rules like GDPR cannot be overlooked, however. An expert gives practical tips to implement in your fleet management policy.

Different fleets deserve a different kind of fleet management

Different flees sizes require different management practices. A small fleet spread out across a large number of EU countries, for instance, will face other challenges than the same fleet that also has a presence outside the EU. A large fleet that is limited to one country will be easier to manage than a large fleet spread across EU and non-EU countries. How do you put a car policy together in each case? How many leasing companies should you work with? How many brands can you include?

In small groups, attendees discuss and define the perfect fleet management policy for different cases.

EV Test Drive

For the second consecutive year, IFMI attendees will get the opportunity to experience what it’s like to drive a full-electric or plug-in hybrid car in the EV Test Drive. It will be the ideal opportunity to try out the latest EVs on the market in Europe and to assess whether they deserve to be included in your fleet policies.

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The IFMI Masterclass is made possible by the IFMI partners: ALD, Arval, Athlon and LeasePlan.

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck