21 Mar 24

Kia accelerates the EV revolution to help fleets go 100% electric

Kia is expanding its line-up of electric vehicles as part of the company’s ‘EVs for all’ strategy, as three new electric models join the already successful EV6 and EV9. Kia is committed to reducing short-term carbon emissions, with EVs that incorporate recycled materials.

The Kia EV6 and Kia EV9, both award-winning vehicles, have established Kia as a leader in the electric vehicle revolution. To provide an even wider range of models for fleet business, the company has unveiled three new electric models – the EV3 Concept, the EV4 Concept and the EV5. The expanding model line-up exemplifies Kia’s commitment to broadening access to EVs quickly and significantly. These vehicles also include Kia’s ten must-have recycled items, to set a new benchmark for interiors inspired by nature. 

Expanding the model range to meet diverse customer needs

As part of Kia’s ‘EVs for all’ strategy, each EV model plays a strategic role in accelerating the EV transition and meeting the needs of an ever-broadening range of customers. The new vehicles share common elements, such as the brand’s cutting-edge electric platform technology, the innovative ‘Opposites United’ design philosophy and the brand’s sustainable colour, material, and finish strategy. The EV3 Concept, a compact CUV, offers the technology and design of Kia’s flagship SUV, the EV9, in a compact and accessible form, effortlessly blending practicality with the sheer joy of driving. The EV4 Concept redefines the electric sedan for the sustainable mobility era, while the EV5 is a compact SUV that combines exceptional versatility and outstanding comfort with advanced technology and dynamic performance.

Improving infrastructure to make charging more accessible

To help address the ongoing challenge of reliable and available charging infrastructure, Kia has collaborated with four partners to create IONITY and has installed 2,800 fast-charging stations along key highways. The aim is to have a total of 7,000 operational stations by 2025, providing greater access to fast and efficient charging options. As more fleets go fully electric, Kia is ready to support this transition, with connected technologies that ensure the adoption of EVs is as convenient and effortless as possible.

Revolutionising vehicle interiors with sustainable materials

Unique to the automotive industry, Kia applies a list of ten must-have recycled items to all new production models. The interiors of the EV3, EV4 and EV5 enable the implementation of new designs inspired by nature while reducing the vehicle’s environmental impact. It also provides greater design freedom, with new lightweight seating and unprecedented choices of colours and trims. Natural materials used in these vehicles include mycelium, from the roots of mushrooms, as a replacement for leather, and hemp fibres for upholstery, while madder root and walnut shells are used for dying to offer natural tones. These initiatives and Kia’s expanding EV line-up reinforce the company’s strategic commitment to reduce short-term carbon emissions and achieve carbon neutrality across its operations by 2045.

Learn more about the Kia’s EV strategy and sustainability here: https://press.kia.com/eu/en/home/media-resouces/press-releases/2023/Kia-accelerates-popularization-of-EVs.html