23 Aug 22

La Vuelta installs telematics to improve fleet performance

La Vuelta 22, the epic three-week, 3,280.5km Tour of Spain cycle race, is tracking the performance of 30 of the organiser’s vehicles to help optimise the environmental impact of the fleet.

Telefónica Tech, the strategic digital business unit Telefónica's, has installed Internet of Things (IoT) devices in the support vehicles, and will monitor and analyse the data they generate.

This includes information on vehicle mileage, positioning and visualisation of journeys, the detection of incidents of harsh braking, acceleration and hard cornering, as well as identification of engine failure and the calculation of fuel usage.

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15% fuel savings

The aim is to apply big data and artificial intelligence to identify trends and detect patterns and anomalies in the fleet, including possible causes of excessive fuel consumption, to minimise its environmental impact. Telefónica Tech said the technology could deliver fuel savings of up to 15%.

This year La Vuelta has a fully hybrid fleet of 85 vehicles, including two battery electric models.  

Javier Guillén, general manager of ‘La Vuelta’, said: "Making the race more sustainable and technological are two pillars that must help us build our future." 

Geotab platform

The data from La Vuelta cars will be sent to the Geotab platform, with additional advanced analytics provided by Telefónica Tech.

Iván Lequerica, Vice President Southern and Western Europe at Geotab, said: "Telematics and data analytics provide us with key information for decision making that can improve the safety, productivity and sustainability of La Vuelta vehicles.”

Geotab has just announced that it has more than 3 million vehicles equipped with telematic devices connected to its platform.

Image: Shutterstock

Authored by: Jonathan Manning