9 Nov 23

Linking data to insights is the way to Moove forward

“Moove uses vehicle data to develop insights that deliver results for your fleet”, says CEO Jeroen Bruinooge. The MooveDriver App, launched now, is just one example of the company’s people-focused approach. The market approves: Moove is doubling in size this year, and again in 2024. 

Moove Connected Mobility is a Netherlands-based telematics company with a presence in 85 countries worldwide. It focuses on large fleets (>250 vehicles), from last-mile delivery vans and trucks to cars and even e-cargobikes.

Making a difference

“We work with Geotab, who are the best at extracting data from vehicles. Moove uses that data to focus on three things: people, fleet, and impact”, explains Mr Bruinooge. “Regarding impact, we generate insights that our customers can use. For example: we create predictability in terms of maintenance. We can produce reports on a variety of metrics on a daily basis.”

“Secondly, we specialize in making a difference in multinational fleets. I was talking to a large logistics customer the other day, and they said: We don’t even know how many vehicles we operate across Europe, let alone how many are electric. Here’s where we create insights. Allow fleet managers to compare like for like. And to take action to improve the efficiency of their fleet.”

Predictive insights

Efficiency is part and parcel of Moove’s approach towards electrification. “As fleets electrify, you often see that they expand. That’s because fleet managers find it difficult to predict utilisation. This is exactly where Moove can help.” In one example, a fleet was able to avoid the purchase of 60 extra vehicles thanks to Moove’s predictive insights.

That’s a good example of how Moove helps fleets become both more sustainable – good for the planet – and more efficient – good for the bottom line. But there’s a third element in the company’s approach that appeals to its customers: its focus on people, and safety.

Prime example is the MooveDriver App, which is going live worldwide just about now.

Positive feedback

“We wanted an app that gives positive feedback, motivating drivers to do better every next day. This is a better way to improve driver behaviour, reduce wear and tear, increase efficiency, minimize damage, and ultimately improve road safety.”

How? Again, by transforming data into insights. Drivers are notified of aspects of their behaviour they can improve, for example by comparing them with other drivers in their fleet. All this can be done anonymously, so only the drivers themselves see the particulars of their behaviour, with fleet managers only seeing overall metrics. Prompted by specific behaviour, drivers can receive “microlearnings” on elements like idling, cornering, and accelerating.

It's a unique, people-focused tool that Bruinooge predicts will fuel the company’s strong growth across the world. “The volume of cars we connect is doubling this year. Based on contracts already signed, it will double again in 2024. We expect the app will have 10,000 users by the end of next year.”

For more, find Moove at the Mobinck stand in the Fleet Europe Village during the 2023 Fleet Europe Days (22-23 November, Lisbon), and check out their website.