23 Mar 22

Meet the Connected Fleets Conference 2022 partners

The Connected Fleets Conference, which will take place on 28-29 March in Amsterdam, will be a unique gathering of 2022, where industry experts will set the roadmap for sustainability through connectivity, while fleet managers will also enjoy the great networking opportunity. 

The fifth Connected Fleets Conference, with the theme "Sustainability & Connectivity", will be an exclusive event for the fleet management ecosystem, made possible with the help of our sponsors. 

We want to introduce our partners who are helping us to support a connected future for Fleet & Mobility. 

Founding partners

Arval: Arval is a leading car leasing provider, offering tailor-made solutions to companies of any size to make their mobility seamless and sustainable while promoting new and innovative solutions. Operating in 30 countries worldwide, Arval has a global lease fleet of 1.4 million vehicles as of 2021. Arval is a founding member of the Element-Arval Global Alliance, a world leader in the fleet management industry, with more than 3 million vehicles across 53 countries. Read the interview with Agnès Van De Walle: "Building winning business cases for your connected fleet".

Geotab: Geotab is dedicated to improving company fleet management by implementing connected services to commercial vehicles and providing web-based analytics. By leveraging data analytics and machine learning (ML), Geotab helps customers improve productivity, optimize fleets by reducing fuel consumption, enhance driver safety, and achieve regulatory compliance. Through the open platform and Marketplace, Geotab customers can automate operations by integrating vehicle data. Geotab's single, the open platform gathers data from more than two million vehicles. Read the interview with Fabian Seithel: "Fleet Sustainability can't be successful without Connectivity".

Lytx: A leading video telematics provider, Lytx unleashes the power of video and data to help fleets improve their safety, efficiency, and productivity. Serving more than 4,000 customers, Lytx reduces operating and insurance costs for customers, above all protecting lives through risk detection and preventing collisions. Advancing in proprietary machine vision and artificial intelligence technology, Lytx connects thousands of fleets and protects over one million drivers while also offering fleet tracking, compliance, and fuel management services. Read the interview with David Brazell: "Fleets need to be safe to be sustainable".

Diamond Partners 

ALD Automotive: A global player in mobility financing and management, ALD Automotive operates in 43 countries with a fleet of more than 1.76 million vehicles. Prioritizing innovation and personal services, ALD is dedicated to transforming into a comprehensive mobility provider to provide the right mobility mix for customers. ALD designs mobility for businesses, individuals and the entire family. Mobility Experience Center is a testament to the high-value ALD places on sustainable and flexible mobility. 

Ovidrive: Providing fleet management systems, fleet support services and strategic consulting, Ovidrive is a global supplier of unique fleet and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, helping fleets in various steps of fleet management supported with strategic advice. Ovidrive simplifies accounting and payroll management, improves invoice control and data accuracy, and reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO). The flexible solutions enable Ovidrive to provide tailor-made solutions to companies. 

Michelin Connected Fleet: Going beyond the boundaries of a supplier, Michelin Connected Fleet offers tools and information to simplify fleet management and improve operational efficiency. Combining powerful insights from data and tools aims to increase fleet productivity safety, reduce costs and gain sustainability. Michelin Connected Fleet wants to empower fleets to make daily operations more efficient by supporting fleets with expert advice and advanced technology. 

Webfleet Solutions: Dedicated to fleet management, vehicle telematics and connected car services, Webfleet Solutions helps companies of all sizes to improve performance, save fuel, support drivers and increase overall fleet efficiency with the Software-as-a-Service solution. Webfleet Solutions also provides services for businesses in the insurance, rental and leasing industries, car importers and companies. Webfleet Solutions is active in more than 100 countries, reaching more than 50,000 customers. 

Gold Partner

Jack by AGC Automotive: Part of the Incubation Factory of AGC Automotive Europe, Jack focuses on innovative technologies, providing the first solution to lower windshield maintenance costs.The solution helps fleets to reduce glass expenses up to 50% with a positive ROI in less than a year. Pushing improvement in mobility further, Jack aims to improve the quality and productivity of its customers, while increasing driver safety and reducing carbon footprint.

We thank all of our partners for supporting us. See you soon at the Connected Fleets Conference!

Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen