22 Aug 22

Only connected fleets will reduce driver distraction by up to 96%

A storm is brewing, one that will spare no fleet manager who has not been prepared. The continuously expanding and unstoppable penetration of connectivity in the fleet industry will sweep away all the old-school methods of fleet management and turn resilient fleets upside down. 

Better be prepared by registering for Connected Fleets Conference 2022 than find yourself in ruins. The virtual conference will analyse the DNA of connectivity from the basic utilisation of telematics to future applications of artificial intelligence (AI). 

Constructing the connectivity triangle 

The future of fleet management depends on achieving the utmost goals in the industry: Safety, efficiency and sustainability. To establish this trilogy, fleet managers must adapt three technologies that have triggered the rapidly approaching storm: Cloud, IoT (Internet of Things) and software, mainly mobile applications. 

The Connected Fleets Conference 2022, which will take place on the 6th of October as a virtual event, will weave every single step of connectivity to reach the safest and most sustainable fleets: 

  • How are AI and new technologies applied to fleet operations? 
  • How connected technology should be utilised to meet fleets' requirements.
  • How to make sure to achieve ROI through connected technologies. 
  • How to scale and measure connected technology to meet sustainability targets. 
  • How to achieve the utmost driver and fleet safety through connected technology.
  • How to achieve the quadruple benefits of connectivity, safety, efficiency and sustainability. 

The conference will host experts from tech leaders of the fleet industry, including Arval, Geotab, and Lytx. Fleet managers from multinational giants will contribute with their presentations, followed by 30-minute interactive presentations on safety and sustainability.  

Why is it crucial? 

In a few years, the connectivity infrastructure of the fleet industry will go through a fundamental change: 

  • 5G mobile broadband will enable the connection of 1 million devices per km2, paving the way for mass intelligent transport systems (ITS), 
  • Cloud-based AI-as-a-Service for supply chain management (SCM) will reach $1.9B by 2025 globally, according to Research and Markets, 
  • The market for video telematics will grow by 22.2% from 2020-2025 to 3.2 million subscribers, according to Frost & Sullivan,
  • As stated by Berg Insight, the installed base of fleet management systems in Europe will hit 22.5 million by 2025.

Connected technologies will reduce mileage by up to 20%, operating costs by up to 40% and diminish downtime by up to 50%. Most importantly, AI dashcams can lessen distracted driving by up to 96%, according to US-based Netradyne. 

Explore the program of this one-time learning opportunity and register for the conference here

Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen