26 Sep 22

Samsara opens new tech centre in Poland to boost fleet telematics

Samsara, witnessing an impressive growth year-on-year with a 63% revenue increase and 15,000 new customers, has added a new headquarters in Poland to focus on its ever-expanding range of telematics services. 

Samsara, a global leader in harnessing IoT data to develop actionable insights for fleet-based businesses to improve their operations, now focuses on the rapidly evolving fleet telematics industry by opening up a tech centre in Warsaw, Poland. 

Samsara, which has 28,000 customers worldwide in industries that make up 40% of global GDP, strengthened its foothold in Europe with the Warsaw office, which means it is now present in four continents. The first European office was established in 2018 in the UK, followed by France and the Netherlands. 

The Poland engineering team will focus on one of the core products of Samsara, fleet telematics. The Warsaw office will meet the need for increasing demand to reduce energy and consumption and improve fleet efficiency and safety. 

Rick Carragher, VP of Engineering at Samsara, says Poland is the best location for the fleet telematics centre thanks to world-class computer science programs and the production of tech talent in Europe. Our new team will work closely with customers worldwide to provide unprecedented real-time visibility of connected operations,” says Carragher. 

Bolstering sustainability 

Today, over 2 million Samsara devices gather data points from over half a million vehicles and other assets, including industrial equipment. Samsara processes over 4.6 trillion sensor data points annually to provide customers with intelligent data worldwide. 

Fleet telematics today stands at the core of sustainability, efficiency and safety for corporate and commercial fleets. Hence the Poland team help customers operate more safely, efficiently, and sustainably with features like route optimization, fleet maintenance alerts, and automated workflows. 

Philip van der Wilt, VP & General Manager, Samsara, EMEA, says the engineering team gathering in Warsaw will help Samsara transform physical operations’ future by developing new solutions. 

The Warsaw office is expected to snowball by the end of 2022, aligned with the annual pace of Samsara, which has grown from zero to $660M of ARR (annual recurring revenue)  in just seven years. Samsara also doesn’t fall behind from new and flexible working culture, allowing all employees in the Warsaw office to work remotely, according to their choice. 

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Image: Shutterstock

Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen