11 Oct 22

Samsara Vehicle Telematics — Fleet Technology That Goes Beyond GPS Tracking

Samsara is a global smart tech company empowering fleet managers and business leaders to track data in real-time. With customers throughout the UK and Europe, Samsara’s Connected Operations Platform provides 360o oversight of your entire operation — day and night.

Together, we help our customers control costs by running smarter, leaner, safer and more efficient operations. And all via a single screen.

Best-in-class location tracking and geofencing

Samsara’s live GPS tracking and smart geofencing provide best-in-class visibility to improve route performance and first-class customer service. Just ask Kelly Group

Advanced fuel and vehicle diagnostics

Connected sensors allow fleet managers to automate preventative maintenance, reduce downtime, identify fuel waste and make sure each asset is delivering ROI. It helps GP Transco save $350,000 in annual fuel costs

Building a culture of safety

Industry-leading AI Dash Cams with in-cab alerts help reduce preventable accidents and provide meaningful data that can be used to coach drivers. Which is exactly what MGroup is doing right now..

Automated workflows to reduce day-to-day tasks

Easy-to-use tech allows firms to streamline communication from the office across their entire operation by going paperless to simply reporting and administration. American Cementing binned 13,000 pieces of paper as part of its company-wide digital transformation.

Simplified compliance in a centralised dashboard

When it comes to rules and regulations, Samsara lets you save time and money on compliance management. Intuitive workflows that can be used on a smartphone or tablet can reduce administrative overhead and compliance risk. That’s what Thermo King does.

Future-ready tools for reducing emissions and migrating to EVs

And with an eye to the future, Samsara’s platform is laying the foundations for fleets to reap the full economic and sustainability benefits of electrification. Comparable data allows managers to analyse vehicle costs and emissions to make informed electrification decisions.

Whether you’re taking the first step into a GPS-enabled paperless world — or planning the route to replacing your current fleet with vehicles powered by alternative fuels — Samsara’s platform lets you manage it all.

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