28 Mar 18

These cars already comply with Euro 6d-temp

Chances are that in the near future, only the latest diesels complying with the Euro 6d-temp emission standards will be allowed to enter low-emission zones in some German cities. So, if you need to drive into town regularly and want to make sure you can continue to do so: below you will find the cars that already meet the latest requirements (source: ADAC).

In spite of the anti-diesel climate, many OEMs – not least the Germans – believe diesel has a future. They still hold a substantial TCO advantage for high-mileage drivers, while their exhaust treatment systems are now scrutinously assessed and managed, pushing NOx and PM emissions to levels that are incomparably lower vis-à-vis Euro 5. This is confirmed by ACEA data: in some cases, NOx emissions on the road have been reduced by 99 per cent.

Source: ADAC Autokatalog

Authored by: Dieter Quartier