29 Jun 21

UBench streamlines damage repair and remarketing processes

UBench is a digital platform and BASF subsidiary that streamlines damage repair and remarketing processes. As of today UBench has more than 1.8 million cars that are managed on the their platform and it is connected to more than 2,000 service providers.

In 2019 BASF started their engagement in platforms that are streamlining the processes around the car repair journey. The UBench solutions enable parties in the automotive aftermarket to manage repair and maintenance via a holistic, secure, independent and collaborative platform. Oliver Birk, Director Platform Business at BASF Coatings, gives us an insight into UBench.

“UBench is a mature platform, with already nearly 20 years of experience, which was started in Belgium and is now active in the Benelux and a couple of other countries. It focuses on leasing companies, insurance companies and insurance brokers as well as large corporate fleets. Beyond damage repair and driver communication there are also modules for claim management, maintenance remarketing and service desk activities.”

Who are the typical users of UBench?

“First, there’s the fleet manager or the driver desk responsible who wants to make sure that the fleet is managed as efficiently and smoothly as possible, with short downtimes, short key-to-key times, low cost and high efficiency and high customer satisfaction.”

“Second, there are all the parties connected to UBench with whom the customer works like repair shops, roadside assistance, towing services, insurance companies, parts suppliers and other third parties. Car rental companies can also be connected in case a rental car is required. With UBench each party has all relevant information available at one place and in real-time.”

Do you also interact with telematics data or connected vehicle data?

“UBench can integrate data from the car like information for predictive maintenance or an announcement for necessary repairs. This information can come from a dongle, from separate applications and it can also work with a direct connection to the OEM interface in the car.”

Does UBench work like a white-label service?

“UBench is fully customised, so you won’t see the UBench name appearing on a screen when using it as a driver or a fleet manager. It can be embedded into the lay-out of the customer and it can also be connected to the customers ERP system.”

“The whole idea of UBench is that any information is only entered into the system once. No more sending around of emails with PDFs.”

Can UBench be useful in the remarketing process?

“There’s a specific module within UBench Suite that allows fleet managers to steer the remarketing process actively and connect with several marketplaces. It also enables the fleet manager to connect with the cars claims history. Our damage reports also reveal the potential cost impact in the remarketing process. From the information that UBench can collect, a fleet manager can start thinking whether it is best to do the repair or to reassess the residual value of the vehicle.”

Can UBench produce repair estimates?

"In UBClaims, the damage management module, repair estimates can be done via a direct interface to existing estimation tools as well as by menu pricing, e.g. in case of smart repair. The major guidance of UBench here is the neutrality, which means that UBench connects to the repair estimation method the collaborating parties have agreed on."

What are your ambitions for the years to come?

“Today, UBench has a presence in the Benelux, Germany, Poland and we are recently expanding into Italy. We want to continue growing in the existing markets and are expanding our geographical footprint by entering into further countries with a focus on Spain, France and the UK.”

Photo: Oliver Birk, Director Platform Business at BASF Coatings

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck