12 Apr 19

Verizon Connect helps cut fuel bill by leveraging UTA fuel card data

Telematics giant Verizon is partnering with UTA, an Edenred-owned company that provides fuel cards, to collect fuelling data and help fleet managers to drive down costs and their carbon footprint.

Thanks to the data collected in nearly 40 European countries, Connect Reveal customers in France, Poland and Germany can now access reports showing the transactions made by the vehicles in their fleet, their fuel efficiency and possible irregularities. The data also helps determine the fleet's carbon footprint.

"By giving customers more visibility into costs that directly impact their bottom line, they are able to better manage fuel spend and improve fleet operations," said Stefan Horst, UTA's head of marketing.

"Fuel is often the largest line item for a fleet-based company, and having insights into how fuel is being purchased and used becomes a mission-critical component of managing the bottom line," said Derek Bryan, EMEA vice president for Verizon Connect. "The UTA integration with the Reveal platform enables customers to better manage their fuel usage and costs by helping them identify inefficiencies and patterns of misuse."


Authored by: Dieter Quartier