8 Apr 22

Volvo updates OTA for 190,000 vehicles worldwide

Volvo has announced the most recent Over-the-Air (OTA) update now enables its entire vehicle line-up to receive software updates. 

Volvo first released the OTA feature on the XC40 Recharge, its first all-electric car, in February 2021. OTA makes it possible for software and safety features to be updated without visiting a workshop. Volvo OTA updates affect stability improvements, infotainment and propulsion systems, among other features. 

The eight updates introduced by Volvo now relate to the all-new XC90, S60 and V60 fossil-fueled and hybrid vehicles, representing around 190,000 vehicles worldwide. Volvo's OTA function will debut in several countries simultaneously, including India, Taiwan and New Zealand. 

The update includes access to the 11th generation Google Android Automotive OS. This in-vehicle infotainment system allows drivers to access various features through Google Play, including navigation, charging and parking. Volvo plans to enhance the infotainment system by adding video streaming apps in 2022. 

More efficient battery-use 

The update also improves energy management and climate timers, and the functionality of mobile applications and in-car features. The energy management update keeps the battery temperature stable in cold and warm weather, thus increasing range and decreasing charging times. 

Drivers will also receive more updates on the charging percentage during ongoing sessions through the Volvo Cars app, available on Android and iOS. 

Volvo product manager Henrik Green says OTA updates aim to bring the benefits of remote updates to more customers worldwide. Instead of requiring maintenance in order to receive the latest updates, OTA enables activating the most recent updates with one click. 

First introduced by Tesla in 2012, OTA technology is being adopted by several automakers globally and is constantly developed as a significant part of connected technologies. Integrated with the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud technology, OTA markedly improves the digital capabilities of connected vehicles, boosting in-car features through Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. 

For fleets, OTA offers essential improvements in fleet management through auto-updates, including preventive maintenance and data safety.

Image courtesy of Volvo.

Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen