24 Oct 21

LoJack: Improved data analytics puts an "eye on" fleet management

Connected intelligence service provider LoJack is putting a step forward in providing intelligent data to improve the operational efficiency of fleets. LoJack's newest solution, iOn, is an example of how advanced integrated technologies help fleets in their operations. 

Maurizio Iperti, SVP of LoJack EMEA and M.D of LoJack Italia, explained how telematics, A.I. and data management brings the intelligence fleet managers to need on a single dashboard: 

What's the mission and core business of your company?

LoJack offers scalable Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) Service and broader telematics solutions dedicated to fleet management and based on the core CalAmp technology stack. The main sales channels are leasing and rental companies, fleet owners, and automotive dealers and OEMs. Since 2016 LoJack has been a wholly-owned CalAmp subsidiary.

What is your geographical scope today? 

Today LoJack main offices are in EMEA in Italy, the United Kingdom, Benelux and Spain. Our services reach customers in the U.S., Latin America, Western Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Africa. As of the end of March 2021, CalAmp had more than 22 million installed devices worldwide, with over 13.8 million devices connected to its device management platform. 

What kind of connectivity services do you offer for fleet management?

LoJack Connect is a cloud-based solution that provides the broadest range of connected vehicles services. It enables fleet owners and leasing companies to track all the critical indicators of their fleet. User Interface is accessed through dedicated platforms and a smartphone application, allowing data exchange with the customer's ERP. Our CrashBoxx solution provides real-time collision alert with vehicle conditions triage and report, enabling a smooth claim management process. 

Which solution is the most important and has growth potential? 

LoJack iOn (eye on) is our new end-to-end, fully integrated fleet and asset management solution powered by the Telematics Cloud (CTC) platform. iOn delivers actionable insights to make fleet operations more efficient and safer. Fleet managers gain real-time data, alerts and utilization reports on vehicles, drivers and assets contained in the vehicle, such as goods but also tools that help them make smarter business decisions in real-time.

The edge computing technology is used for autonomous transport systems, transportation and logistics, shipping, and IoT marketplaces to streamline asset tracking, facilitate multimodal supply chains and drive further operational efficiencies. The tight integration between vehicle telematics, A.I. and data analytics delivers contextual intelligence about vehicles, drivers and assets on a single screen.

What partnerships do you have in the fleet industry?

We are collaborating with most rental companies. The partnerships started on recovery of stolen vehicles, which today expanded into fleet telematics solutions and remarketing of LoJack devices installed on their vehicles at the end of the rental period. In 2019, LoJack Italia announced an agreement with Toyota to offer LoJack SVR service to all Toyota customers bundled with insurance and financing. In 2020, LoJack Italia and Pluservice launched an innovative telematics service to transform Italy's public and private transport vehicles' maintenance and management. Also, LoJack Italia recently entered into heavy equipment asset management in Italy through an agreement with CGTE. LoJack Italia is installing its proven dual technology Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) system and telematics devices to protect CGTE's equipment rental fleet against theft and collect real-time data for fleet and logistics management.

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Photo of Maurizio Iperti, SVP of LoJack EMEA and M.D of LoJack Italia, courtesy of LoJack.

Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen