28 Oct 19

ALD announces two solutions in France

Leasing and business mobility company ALD Automotive has launched two new services in France at its recent BlueFleet event at the Autodrome of Linas-Montlhéry. Together with more than 1,000 customers ALD announced that the Business Intelligence solution, which has already been launched in Belgium and the UK, is now also available in France. Business Intelligence is a tailor-made audit offer that supports customers to generate TCO optimisation with attention to cost elements but also the energy mix and a sustainable fleet programme development.

The second service that ALD Automotive presented for its French home market, is related to a smarter insurance based on connectivity. With the support of in-vehicle telematics ALD will use driver behaviour data to adjust the insurance premiums of its customers when renewing contracts in a positive way. In practice, there will be a bonus for the ‘good’ pupils and no malus for the ‘bad’ pupils. The solution is now in the final pilot stage and will become officially available in early 2020 with the aim to connect with the ALD interfaces My ALD Driver and .My ALD Manager. 

Authored by: Steven Schoefs