21 Nov 19

GAC pilots Mycarfleet

French fleet software supplier GAC Technology has launched a pilot version of Mycarfleet.

  • Mycarfleet is a fleet management tool that drivers can use to locate the nearest providers of partner services (e.g. maintenance and repair shops).
  • The app also allows drivers to make an inventory of the state of their vehicle, for example prior to returning it. 
  • Mycarfleet is able to communicate certain data sets to the fleet manager.
  • Conversely, the fleet manager can use Mycarfleet to communicate with fleet drivers, for example on fleet campaigns on tires, mileage, etc. 

The application is available for both the IOS and Android platforms. Development of the tool continues while it is available.

GAC Technology is specialised in multi-fleet optimisation software. It calls itself the only purely ‘technologist’ player on the market. The company was awarded L’Automobile & L'Entreprise’s 2012 Innovation Trophy and was featured in Deloitte’s in FAST50 (2013) and FAST500 (2014) overview of best fast-growing tech companies in Europe.


Authored by: Frank Jacobs