16 Jan 19

French fleet market increases and changes

The Corporate Vehicle Observatory (Arval) has published its figures on the fleet market in France in 2018. These show that sales to companies were up by 2.1% compared to 2017, with a total of 818,648 passenger cars and LUVs registered. The increase was virtually identical for both categories. These figures made 2018 the third consecutive year of growth for fleet sales.

As in other markets, the introduction of WLTP had an influence on the French market, leading to a surge in the first part of the year (to end August), when registrations to companies were up by over 6%. Large decreases were seen in the last months of the year, bringing the overall increase down to 2.1%

Where fuel types are concerned, the Corporate Vehicle Observatory found that diesel sales dropped by 5.2%, the first time the previously omnipresent fuel type has seen a drop in France. The proportion of the whole market held by diesel was thus down to 78.5% in 2018. Petrol sales benefited from the ongoing desertion of diesel, up by 42.2% (clearly from a much lower base) to command 16% of the fleet market.


Moving on to alternative fuels, electric vehicles also recorded a very impressive rise (obviously from an even lower base) of 45% in fleets, following the 25% growth seen in 2017. In numerical terms, this means that 17,130 EVs were registered to fleets in 2018, and these vehicles now hold just over 2% of the French fleet market.

Hybrids also made an impression, being up by 41% compared to 2017 at over 26,000 units, also following a healthy growth of 23% in 2017. Hybrids thus claimed 3.2% of the fleet market.

Authored by: Tim Harrup