23 Feb 18

VW Group championing CNG

The Volkswagen Group says that a campaign alliance between itself and an industrial consortium is continuously enhancing the status of CNG mobility.To demonstrate this, it points out that sales of CNG vehicles posted growth compared with the previous year for the seventh month in succession.

The current registration figures from the German Federal Motor Transport Authority confirm that CNG engines are currently the type of power unit experiencing the most robust growth in the country.

In 2018, the recently launched SEAT Arona is being presented as the latest CNG vehicle in the group’s portfolio. This will grow the fleet of passenger cars suitable for CNG operation across all the brands in the Volkswagen Group to a total of 18 models. These range from the class of small cars to the premium segment. There are also vehicles powered by natural gas in the subsidiary company Volkswagen Truck & Bus, which includes the brands MAN and Scania. This, says the company, makes the Volkswagen Group the biggest supplier of CNG models.

New impetus has been given to the brand and information offensive with the recent extension of the campaign, as biomethane producer VERBIO, automotive supplier MAHLE, grid operator EWE NETZ and lightweight alloy component manufacturer Hexagon xperion have joined the industrial consortium for CNG mobility.

Authored by: Tim Harrup