26 Jun 18

Italian True Fleets drop for first time in 2018

The Italian True Fleet market dropped 4% last month compared to May 2017. It's the first dip of the year for the normally buoyant segment – but Dataforce, which analysed the results, puts the drop into context: this was still its second-best May ever. 

Italy's Total car market finished at just over 214,000 this May – down by 1.9% over the same month last year. The Private segment was the only one to manage growth (+2%). True Fleets may have declined, but Special Channels took a much greater hit (-9.4%).

Brand positioning

Not much movement in the top of the brand ranking: Fiat, VW, Ford and Audi maintained their positions from the previous May (in that order). BMW rose from 7th to 5th place thanks to +24.9% growth (with good results especially for the X1, the brand-new X2 and both the Active Tourer and Grand Tourer 2 Series models).

Jeep (pictured: Jeep Renegade) surged spectacularly (+122.4%) to 6th place, thanks in large part to the Compass. Another FCA Group member, home brand Alfa Romeo, rose +99.7% to 8th place (thanks in equal parts to the Giulietta and the Stelvio), with Mercedes squeezed into 7th place in between.

“The last few months have confirmed FCA members Jeep and Alfa Romeo's modified brand positioning, aiming at fleet and premium customers respectively”, says Dataforce analyst Nils Wehner.  

Renault and Peugeot (+34.2%, thanks to the 2008 and 5008) rounded out Italy's True Fleet brand Top 10 for May.

Consistent progress

Year to date, diesel registrations in Italy's True Fleets have held up well, especially compared to the other Big Five markets. While diesel has gone down in the True Fleet market segments in France, Germany, Spain and the UK, its YTD market share in Italy's True Fleets has increased by +9.1%, compared to the first five months of 2017. 

Conversely, while petrol has done well in all other EU-5 countries, it has decreased by 7% YTD for Italian True Fleets, with a 29.2% drop in May alone. As a result, alternative-fuel registrations are the only ones to progress consistently across the True Fleet market segments of all EU-5 countries for the year to date. 

“For the Italian True Fleet it has to be taken into consideration, that currently, May’s Diesel registrations followed the overall downward trend of the True Fleet Market by falling slightly below the level of prior year’s month (-3.7%)”, says Mr Wehner. “The upcoming months will reveal if this is a long-term trend or a one-off slip in registrations for this fuel type”.

Authored by: Frank Jacobs