28 Aug 18

Italian True Fleets register EVs in record numbers

Italian True Fleets are developing an appetite for alternative powertrains, Dataforce reports. “In July, the share of full-electric vehicles climbed to 1.7%, a record for Italy and higher than in the other Big Five markets”, says Dataforce analyst Richard Worrow. 

Italy’s True Fleet market is in great overall shape. Following moderate growth in June (+0.6%), last month it registered a double-digit sales increase compared to previous July (+11.3%). 

Best July
With more than 29,000 new cars registered in the segment, it was the best July for Italian True Fleets since 2008.

Volumes were up by less in the other segments: Dealerships/Manufacturers (+6.6%), Short-term Rentals (+3.4%) and Private (+2.5%). As a result, the Total market scored a surplus of +4.8% compared to July 2017, achieving a total of 165,000 registrations. 

Top brands
Looking at the top brands in the True Fleet segment, Fiat maintained its leadership position, despite suffering its third consecutive month of losses (-3.9%). Its main challenger was Volkswagen (+39.7%), jumping from 5th into 2nd position. Next in the ranking were Audi, Mercedes and Ford (all in minus), followed by Renault and BMW. 

Toyota (+63.4%) climbed two spots to 8th place, achieving a 5.2% market share thanks especially to sales of the Yaris and the CH-R. Nissan (+133.7%) leapt from 15th to 9th place, on the back of excellent results for its SUVs Qashqai and X-Trail, but also thanks to the success of the Leaf. Alfa Romeo closed the Top 10, less than 60 registrations ahead of Peugeot. 

Fuel types
With 351 fleet registrations (most for Long-term Rental companies), the Nissan Leaf (pictured) achieved its highest monthly volume ever in Italian True Fleets and led the EV ranking in that segment ahead of the Smart ForTwo and the Renault Zoe – both also strong growers.

As mentioned, Italy’s True Fleets registered a record share (1.7%) of pure-electric vehicles last month, more than in Germany, France, the UK, Spain or Belgium. 

“Underlining Italian corporate appetite for alternative powertrains, hybrids also rocketed to more than 2,200 new registrations last month, up 151.1% over July 2017 to a share of 7.5% of total True Fleet sales”, says Worrow. “Let’s see if this trend towards ‘green’ fuel types will continue”.  

Authored by: Frank Jacobs