15 Apr 20

Octo Telematics and Infoblu provide mobility data to prevent COVID-19 spread

Through a jointly developed data platform called Mobility DataLab, telematics and big data company Octo Telematics and traffic data company Infoblu want to provide data on the movement of people and goods in Italy, with the sole purpose of making available reliable traffic flow information – which is of the essence in these trying times.

The site (lab.octotelematics.com) is built around a standard set of graphs showing trends in mobility in relation to a standard reference period on a daily and geographical basis compared with the average reference period. This provides an advanced and dynamic view on urban and suburban mobility. The information is updated at 01.00 every morning and is collected in completely anonymous form by the Octo Telematics devices installed in cars and heavy vehicles.

Nicola Veratelli, CEO of OCTO Group says: “With great pride we make available all our expertise regarding Big Data analytics and vehicle telematics in these extraordinary times. We are in contact with various institutions to be able to integrate the data on the spread of the disease with mobility data in order to analyse and calculate any correlations, which will serve to identify initiatives aimed at containing the spread of the virus and preventing the related risks".

Authored by: Dieter Quartier