2 Aug 21

Athlon and Polestar to use Ebbon-Dacs e-procurement platform

Athlon Netherlands is using Ebbon-Dacs’ new OrderLink module within its Leaselink e-procurement platform for the direct processing of all new vehicle orders from Polestar. This will enable Athlon to send orders directly to Polestar for fulfilment.

OrderLink will also be rolled out to other leasing companies in the Netherlands that are using the Leaselink e-procurement platform.

According to Justine Hawkins, Chief Commercial Officer of Ebbon-Dacs, the partnership with Polestar has revolutionised the way Leaselink can be used by manufacturers or retailers: "The Orderlink module processes order data from the manufacturer or retailer to update key vehicle data, delivery dates and status directly in the leasing company's back office. This provides our leasing community with accurate, real-time updates and information, eliminating errors and improves order communication for end users.

Photo copyright: Shutterstock

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck