11 Jun 17

Tesla opens first solar supercharger in Belgium

Californian EV maker Tesla has inaugurated its first Belgian supercharger station that is powered directly by the sun. Located in Heusden-Zolder, along the E314 connecting Brussels with Aachen (Germany) and close to the E313 connecting Antwerp to Liège, it is the first supercharger in Belgium to offer 12 charging points.

In total, Tesla operates nearly 300 superchargers in Europe that allow for long-distance travel. Twenty minutes gives a 50 percent charge, double this time results in an 80 percent charge. Current Model S and Model X owners can use the network free of charge – new customers will have to pay per kWh used.

The 2MWp solar installation in Heusden-Zolder delivers its energy directly to the supercharger station. If more energy is produced than necessary, the excess flows to the mains. If the amount of power produced is insufficient - say, on a rainy day, with 10 vehicles charging simultaneously, certified green power is sourced from the net.

Authored by: Dieter Quartier