16 May 19

Hello Fresh: connected fleet delivering freshness

Thomas Stroo, Head of Logistics Benelux at popular fresh food delivery company Hello Fresh, explained the audience of the Connected Fleets Conference how telematics helped to improve the efficiency of the company’s logistics and, eventually, the success of the entire company.

Thomas spent a couple of minutes explaining Hello Fresh’s vision and mission: change the way people eat forever! As a direct consequence of their mission, the company is disrupting the traditional food chain: avoiding warehouses, wholesalers and supermarkets, Hello Fresh manages to get fresh produce in 3 days at the consumer’s homes.

Hello Fresh has reached out to Geotab to optimise its logistics, which are managed in-house in the Benelux. Telematics, connectivity and IoT has helped Hello Fresh achieve the following objectives:

  • Capture geolocation of signature
  • Possibility to calculate exact stop time per customer -> Which when injected back into route-planning, will save costs.
  • Ability to more mapping updates and live traffic information
  • Increase of driver engagement and motivation -> Old system was the biggest frustration in Driver Happiness survey
  • Ability to take pictures in case of incidents, obliged if you leave the box in front of the door
  • Scanning box at delivery ~ no ‘wrong box’ errors anymore

Telematics has also contributed to the decrease of the number of accidents, but Thomas points out that technology is only part of a safety policy: preventive workshops, positive incentivising and interactions with the drivers are key.

Thomas is already looking at the next steps: electrification. He is scanning the market to find the right partners that combine range, speed of charging, lowest consumption and the best solution for the vans’ cooling units.

Authored by: Yves Helven