13 Sep 18

UK surges with new EV records

The latest research from Dataforce shows that in August the UK passenger car market achieved its highest growth for 2018 so far, achieving an outstanding 23.1% increase compared to August 2017.

 Both private registrations and true fleets almost exactly reflected this, increasing by 23.3% and  23.7% respectively. The total market overall registered 94,000 new vehicles, which is the highest volume ever for the month of August. All of this brings the year-to-date loss decrease down to ‘only’ 4.2%, Dataforce points out.


Where brand performance is concerned, within the top 10 fleet brands, all but one were able to achieve positive numbers in August. Market leader Volkswagen showed an impressive performance with + 76.0% and subsequently its highest monthly market share in UK’s True Fleets ever. Ford (+ 21.4%) finished second followed by Vauxhall, BMW, Mercedes and Audi. Peugeot in 7th (+ 72.9%!) recorded its best market share since February 2016 due to the strong results of its SUV range. SEAT and Kia ranked 8th and 9th and the top 10 was completed by Suzuki.

In terms of fuel, diesel fell to a share of only 36.3% (which represents a new all-time low point in true fleets). Both full EVs and Hybrid powertrains scored new records of 1.0% and 10.7% respectively. Full electric vehicles for the first time achieved a share of over 1%.  The year-to-date ranking in this category still shows the Nissan Leaf in front followed by the BMW i3, Tesla Model S and the e-Golf. Hybrid vehicles also achieved a double-digit share for the first time. The most popular hybrid model in true fleets (both August and year-to-date) is now the 3 Series from BMW which alone achieved more than a thousand hybrid registrations in August. This means that almost 85% of all 3 Series registered this month were equipped with the Plug-In Hybrid powertrain. Number two in the ranking was the Golf GTE followed by Toyota C-HR, Kia Niro, Mercedes C-Class, Toyota Yaris, Mitsubishi Outlander and Toyota RAV4.

(Image: carbuzz)

Authored by: Tim Harrup