10 Sep 15

Diesel or Petrol ? Pick the right fuel for your fleet !

Here's what's worrying fleet managers:

Governments across Europe are turning up the pressure on diesel vehicles, increasing taxes and toughening up environmental standards. These measures disproportionately affect corporate fleets,  a large majority of are diesels.

Urbanisation, alternative mobility solutions for fleets and environmental issues are moving the tipping point  where petrol becomes a more interesting option than diesel for all – of for some – company car drivers.

Here's the information fleet managers need:

This IFMI webinar shows that in most cases, diesel still generates the best TCO for fleet drivers. However, local taxes, driver behaviour and/or annual mileage can be factors in petrol being a better alternative.

Providing detailed insight in the correlation between fuel choice and TCO and presenting concrete examples of opportune fuel choices, both for petrol and diesel, are two experts: Tony Elliot, Global Fleet Expert (Nexus Communication) and Denis Férault, Head of Solutions Development and Consulting Lab (Arval). 




Tony Elliot
Global Fleet Expert
Nexus Communication 
Denis Férault
Head of Solutions Development and Consulting Lab