4 Oct 17

Fleet registrations with new records

Fleet registrations in 2016 accounted for 67.7 per cent of the market, what reflects an increase by over 2.5 per cent versus 2015. The rate of growth of company fleets was slightly lower than the year before when their share picked up by 3.8 percentage points. In terms of absolute figures, companies registered 281,700 passenger cars in 2016, what points out to growth at 21.8 per cent.

The year 2016 saw registration of 59,800 commercial vehicles with GVW below 3.5 tons, a result higher by 12.3 per cent versus 2015. 86.4% of vehicles from this category have been registered by companies, while the remaining 13.6% are largely used for business conducted by natural persons.

Data of the Polish Leasing Association reveal that in 2016 lease and fleet management companies bought 193,800 passenger cars, or more by 26.5 per cent than the figure for end-2015. The growth rate for the previous year totalled 32.5 per cent. The share of lease companies in total fleet sales in 2016 stood at 68.8 per cent versus 66.2 per cent the year before and 57.5 per cent in 2014.

Authored by Adam Dziedzinski of Fleet Poland