7 Dec 17

Start-up Café: mushrooming innovation and inspiration

With the second edition of the Start-Up Café, since last year an integral part of the annual Fleet Europe Summit, 11 new technology companies selected from 26 applicants were offered a unique stage to share their innovative ideas with international fleet decision makers. 

This year, the Start-up Café showcased yet again cutting edge thinking across several areas of fleet, mobility and safety management. Hi-tech innovators revealed systems that range from aftermarket combustion enhancing systems reducing emissions and fuel consumption, to solutions to challenges facing the wider industry.


Currently available for companies, Amber allows organizations to reduce lease car fleet sizes and eliminate greenhouse gas emissions. It is this start-up’s vision is to be able to provide on-demand mobility for all people everywhere, using the self-driving Amber One car, built specifically to be shared.


CarAmigo is the first peer-to-peer car rental marketplace in Belgium, Bulgaria and Portugal that connects car owners with people who need a car. Thanks to CarAmigo, a car owner can recoup part of his car expenses by sharing his car with others, in all confidence as CarAmigo screens all drivers and includes full insurance coverage.


CarPay-Diem is a service platform allowing any mobile app or connected car to activate any fuel pump. Upon arriving, the smartphone automatically switches on and asks for the nearest pump number. The driver is then invited to take fuel, after which the transaction receipt appears on the screen, together with a targeted commercial offer to the driver.


CGON manufacture a range of hydrogen fuel additive systems designed to reduce emissions, increase fuel efficiency and keep diesel particulate filters clean. It’s the technology the world has been waiting for, and with so many possible applications, the benefits are clear – not just for the environment, but also for your bottom line.


By bringing telematics, fuel, and credit providers together, Jidoka enables fleet operators to manage all fleet and fuel related aspects from one platform. At the same time, drivers can activate fuel pumps at public fuelling stations from a mobile interface. Key benefits: less fuel theft, a reduced fuel cost and better management tools, based on the existing fleet management platform.


Kowo is a mobile and web application for companies organizing and motivating carpooling. The system helps co-workers to improve their daily commuting in an ecologic, economic and stress-free way. Kowo offers organizations an all-in-one solution that improves their employees’ mobility.


No more fumbling in search of small change, figuring out on the spot how to pay by text message, or losing time on clunky mobile applications. Parkd automatically starts, stops and pays for your parking sessions. Your benefits with our unique parking solution? One invoice per month, split business/private sessions, no more parking tickets, save up to 90% on admin and 25% less parking cost.


Pomp is an on-demand fuel delivery service. A utilitarian vehicle equipped with a mobile fuel station empowers fleet owners to skip the costly and timewasting detour to petrol stations, whilst improving the overall experience.


A network of ultra-fast autonomous renewable electric stations integrated in existing fuel stations can charge up to 25 EVs simultaneously. Moreover, the innovative revenue flows allow to self-finance the “free AC” supply for this start-up’s customers.


With Elyze, SD-Insights measures driver performance in real-time and very accurately. Drivers receive feedback on risky behaviour like swerving, closely following preceding traffic and overtaking. The personal and actionable approach leads to an improved driver performance and is highly accepted among drivers.


Taxify is an Estonian international transportation network company that developed Taxify, a mobile application which allows people to request a taxi or private driver from their smartphone. Taxify operates in 20 countries in Europe, Africa and Central-America, mediating tens of millions of rides every year to over three million customers.
Authored by: Dieter Quartier