10 Jul 18

Fleet policy guide from CLM

Fleet management specialist CLM Fleet Management has produced a fleet policy guide that is available to all free-of-charge.

The new initiative is aimed at providing a policy framework that is applicable to businesses of all sizes, from SMEs to major corporates, and is relevant to all personnel who have some form of responsibility for managing company vehicles. Interested readers will range from those for whom fleet is only a small part of their duties to full-time fleet managers, as well as finance staff interested in optimising their fleet budgets.

The new guide has been compiled with input from senior directors and fleet management specialists within the organisation. The fleet policy guide sets out how an organisation, including those that do not recognise their vehicles as a ‘fleet’, should deal with these considerations and who is responsible within the business for each of them. It also considers any specific objectives that the organisation may have in relation to its vehicles.

CLM managing director, John Lawrence (photo), comments: “This new guide has been developed to help businesses of all sizes create a vehicle fleet policy that reflects their specific needs and objectives. It can be used by fleet professionals or by any other individual with a degree of responsibility for the operation of the organisation’s vehicles, including those that may not have realised that they operate what constitutes a fleet”.

Authored by: Tim Harrup