12 Jan 19

Christophe Conegero new Chief of Staff at Arval

Christophe Conegero has been appointed Chief of Staff at Arval BNP Paribas Group. The appointment, effective immediately, means Mr Conegero is the 'right-hand man' of new Arval CEO Alain Van Groenendael, who took over after Philippe Bismut retired at the end of 2018. 

Specifically, this means Mr Conegero will streamline company activities as prioritised by the CEO, acting as facilitator and communicator with Arval executives, clients and major stakeholders, attending meetings and calls on the CEO's behalf, acting as the CEO's sounding board and assisting him in decision-making, executing initiatives and animating Arval governance.

Mr Conegero, a graduate of European business school ESCP, already had a distinguished career in financial and business analysis, business management before joining Arval in 2004, where he held executive roles in finance and remarketing, among other departments. His previous role, from the end of 2016, was as General Manager of New Business Development. 

Authored by: Frank Jacobs