8 Aug 18

DriveNow not taking off in Brussels

Two years after its launch, DriveNow has amassed a debt of €3.25 million in Brussels, reports De Tijd newspaper.

Car sharing is not popular enough in Brussels, not even in a free floating scheme. DriveNow has only around 26,000 registered users for its 300 cars. Christian Lambert, DriveNow CEO in Brussels, said in Belgian newspaper De Tijd that his company needs at least 60,000 users to be profitable.

Mr Lambert blames the popularity of company cars for the disappointing figures. The recently announced mobility budget will not bring about the necessary mobility revolution as it does not allow for car sharing to be used in the week-end. "And you can drive a company car in the week-end without any problem."

Mr Lambert goes on to say in De Tijd that he still believes DriveNow has a future in Brussels. Nevertheless, the BMW subsidiary has already discontinued operations in Stockholm, where demand was lacking, too.

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck