19 May 16

Fleet management in Turkey: Easy access, with just one click

The major fleet management suppliers in Turkey pay great attention to ensuring that their customers are provided with a full range of tools and reporting solutions to carry out their work. These are often on-line, simple and comprehensive. Some of the major names explain.

Many fleet management companies operating in Turkey have developed specific packages and tools to help the growing fleet market. For example, Fleet Logistics Turkey explains that it has acquired the business of TCOPlus in order to be able to offer tools such as Greencube and Fleetcube, providing consolidated data and trends with regard to customer fleets. This puts clients in the position to make better informed decisions. TEB Arval also offers specific tools. These include the TEB Arval Fleet View which gives on-line reporting for fleet managers for their own fleets. The company says that this is a simple and visual way for fleet managers to monitor their fleet KPIs with regard to subjects such as usage of the vehicles compared to contracted usage (mileage), the CSR impact of the fleet, etc.
ALD Automotive Turkey also aims to respond to the specific needs of fleet managers, saying that their main preoccupations are focusing on their business, facing company challenges and meeting drivers’ needs. ALD Automotive Turkey addresses these challenges by developing innovative solutions to support fleet managers and enhance driver experience.
ALD Automotive Turkey has also developed specific tools to help in this domain: it has launched a new digital product – My ALD – for fleet managers and drivers. My ALD is a centralized portal which provides online servicing tools for all ALD customers, enabling fleet managers to have detailed information about the vehicles and contracts, track maintenance and mileage, choose and configure vehicles, and to access and extract detailed reports about their fleets.
DRD Fleet Leasing confirms the trend, and adds a note on the personalised and security issues, of concern to all the companies. It offers reporting services specific to customers’ fleets with the ‘Online Reporting Module’ developed to enable customers to access all the information necessary to manage their fleet in the most efficient and effective way. The tool provides for the management and cost control of fleets, with user name and password created specifically to company’s fleet administrator. This then means that all details related to their fleet can be viewed at any time, from any location. The company’s applications also enable easy access, with just one click, to DRD Assistance roadside services in emergency cases such as breakdowns or accidents.
Comprehensive data
Fleetcorp also provides its clients with a comprehensive online reporting tool, and details some of the other elements a fleet manager may wish to know about: start and end dates of the contract for the vehicles they have leased, claim ratios, inspection dates, traffic penalties, estimation of the mileage, payment plan, maintenance and leasing invoices etc. And again, each customer signs in with a unique user name and password.
For LeasePlan Turkey, the tool which provides all this data is called FleetReporting. It enables customers to implement a balanced fleet management approach by analyzing the Total Cost of Operating their fleet, detailed risk profiles of drivers, emissions data for a green approach and daily operation information such as toll, fuel and fine management. It also helps them to manage their fleet policy and compliance by assessing the effectiveness of policy changes and to better position themselves to take proactive action.Garanti Filo offers monthly detailed fleet reports which gives information about current car details, damage details, maintenance details, contract due dates, traffic insurance details, mileages, traffic penalties, replacement car activities etc… It also offers customers who choose to use car tracking system equipment, tracking reports.
While the above concentrates on fleet managers, the trend to more directly connect with drivers is also apparent in Turkey. ALD Automotive Turkey has spoken of enhancing driver experience. And as an example of other services,DRD Fleet Leasing confirms that drivers can easily make a breakdown or accident notification with the help of a single button, be informed about immediate interventions and necessary precautions, submit tyre requests and report their location with their smart phone’s GPS system, among others.

And what about the future?

In general, all of the companies confirm that they will be improving some of the products they already have, updating in terms of market needs and evolving technology. TEB Arval summarises this with: following the evaluation of technology to keep our tools as much updated as possible.
Some specific aims from the fleet management companies are noted below.
LeasePlan Turkey says its next step is to develop a mobile application that will also cover reporting needs of both drivers and fleet managers.
Fleet Logistics Turkey says it is also constantly continuing to update its products and services with new releases that meet market trends. ALD Automotive Turkeywill be taking its product further, confirming that it plans to be able to integrate all services under the umbrella of its new app My ALD.
For its part, Garanti Filo states that it will be using tracking systems which can also analyse driver behavior and patterns, fuel management reporting, a mobile application.
DRD Fleet Leasing moves to the subject of secured payment: its next step will be a payment system on this platform. The data platform will be designed to be a safe product with SSL. Fleet managers will be able to make credit card payment on this platform.

Authored by: Tim Harrup