20 Feb 17

ALD Automotive invests in the Norwegian model as Mobility laboratory

Tim Albertsen

With over 5,000 public charging stations and a dynamic green mobility market, Norway is fertile ground for fleet and lease industry players seeking to develop a responsible automotive offer. Car leasing and mobility management specialist ALD Automotive is determined to take full advantages of the opportunities offered by the Norwegian model. 

As ALD Automotive itself points out, Norway is a real laboratory for sustainable mobility, as electric and hybrid vehicles are highly competitive regarding their TCO compared to other countries. Moreover, the government has implemented several incentive policies to foster their use. As a result, the Norwegian market today has the highest rate of electric and hybrid vehicles, since they represent 40% of the automobile offer, versus 4% in France. 

ALD Automotive aims to learn as much as it can in this Norwegian laboratory, taking advantage of investment opportunities in sustainable mobility solutions that better meet the needs of ALD customers.  

Tim Albertsen (pictured), ALD Automotive's Deputy Chief Executive Officer, recently attended a seminar on electric cars in Oslo, to show the subsidiary's commitment to sustainable mobility. ALD Automotive Norway is a pioneer in the field of alternative vehicles, with the highest ratio of green cars.

This trend is reflected at a global level in ALD Automotive: with a fleet of 12,000 electric cars and 27,000 hybrid vehicles, the company managed to significantly reduce its carbon emissions, from 144g/km in 2012 to 126g/km in September 2016.

Image: Fleet Europe

Authored by: Frank Jacobs