22 Sep 16

New management and new location for Renta Solutions

Renta Solutions is moving to a new location in Zaventem, Brussels. The Belgium-based provider of ICT platforms for the vehicle leasing industry is also strengthening its management structure. Both actions are undertaken to prepare the company for future growth. 

Erik Maes is the company's new General Manager, Patrick Schillemans takes up responsibilities as Contract and Administration Officer, Rudi Heistercamp is Customer Support Officer, and Michel Van den Broeck will be the Managing Director, with a focus on determining future strategy and further expansion of the company's network. From January 1st, Henri Jeandarme will assume a supervisory role as Chairman of the Board. 

A civil engineer with extensive ICT experience, Mr. Maes (43) is well equipped to develop new projects and new markets for Renta Solutions. In the expansion of the activities of Renta Solutions, General Manager Erik Maes will closely collaborate with Managing Director Michel Van den Broeck, who has an enormous expertise and experience in the Belgian fleet and leasing market. 

Erik Maes' main focus will be the development of the company's four main platforms: Maintenance Repair Tires (MRT/MRTc), Order Registr Deliver(ORD), Fines Management Services (FMS) and Renta Electronic Invoicing(REI) – and not just the extension of their functionalities and applications, but also their continuing integration.

In so doing, Renta Solutions aims to contribute significantly to the ongoing professionalisation and gains in efficiency in the Fleet industry, and at the same time offer its products to a wider audience. 

Renta Solutions was launched in 2005 within Renta, the Association for Vehicle Leasing and Rental in Belgium. In 2013 Renta Solutions became an independent entity to be transformed into a pulic limited company in 2015. Today Renta Solutions counts seven employees.

Image: Renta Solutions

Authored by: Frank Jacobs