1 Feb 18

Stijn Otten (Business Lease) wins Talent of the Year Award

At the Dutch Automotive Gala 2018, Stijn Otten of Business Lease won the Automotive Talent of the Year Award. He was awarded the prize by Alphabet CEO Norbert van den Eijnden, who praised Mr Otten's analytic approach and his capacity to persuade and to coach.

Stijn Otten heads the Innovation Lab at Business Lease. His two competitors were Pim van 't Hoenderdaal (Molco Car Parts) and Goshi Cheragwandi (Nissan Motors Netherlands).


In their report, the members of the jury applaud Mr Otten's versatility and his inborn belief in sustainability. The jury views Mr Otten as a strategic innovator, a motivator to take on new projects rather than a line manager.

In a reaction, Mr Otten points out his main accomplishments since his arrival at Business Lease three and a half years ago. He set up a collaboration with Private Lease and also started a partnership with Uber and SnappCar. Mr Otten also introduced a system for connected maintenance for which he won a prize in 2015. On a more strategic level, Mr Otten was responsible for transforming Business Lease from a reputable leasing company to an innovative leasing company, a front-runner.

Full mobility as standard

Mr Otten has ambitious plans for the Business Lease Innovation Lab, including new products, services and partnerships. In the course of 2018, Business Lease will launch six new products, ranging from the concrete (ecotuning, expanding the connected flow with services that make cars more sustainable) to the more general (smart mobility consultancy).

More importantly, Business Lease will be the first leasing company to offer full mobility as standard and not as an extra service customers can opt for.

Photo courtesy of the Automotive Gala

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck